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Circuit boards can be found in nearly every single electronic component or device we make use of today. The circuit board has numerous advantages over traditional point to point wiring and wire wrap circuits as circuit board is much more compact, rugged and cheap to produce in high volumes.

A circuit board is comprised of layers and the top conductive layer with will carry the current is typically made from copper, or some similarly conductive alloy. A circuit board has it’s entire top layer covered by copper before it is printed. In order to make the circuit board useful the path of the circuit is marked out on the board using a chemical which will protect the copper layer when it is dipped into a corrosive acid. This acid strips the circuit board of the copper that is not beneath the protective layer. The result is completed circuit board with conductive strips of copper remain to suit the requirements of the finished circuit.

It is possible to buy the components required to make a simple circuit board at home and many people who are interested in making electronic devices as a hobby on an amateur level will make their own circuit board. It is also possible to buy small electronic kits that require assembly. These kits will often contain a simple circuit board and various components which can be assembled to create a fairly basic electronic device. These kits that include circuit board can vary in complexity. Should you want to find out more, contact us using this form, thanks!